Over the last few years Tracy and I have been very fortunate to have participated in Family Life’s Love Like You Mean It marriage cruise.  We just can’t say enough about the Family Life organization and the quality of their work to mend families and marriages.  We feel so privileged to join FL in the mission to rewrite the course of marriage in our world!  The LLYMI cruise is the most impacting vehicle for transforming marriage relationships that we have seen.  We have heard miracle testimonies from couples who decided to go on the cruise as a last resort to save their marriage who completely reconciled during the 5-day cruise.  Of course there are also healthy marriages that get a serious vitamin boost from a trip like this.  Tracy and I have benefitted tremendously from the many speakers, vow renewal ceremony and awesome entertainment!

I say all of this to setup the following video.  Have a listen and then make a commitment to put your marriage relationship first, save your pennies and find a way to go on the LLYMI cruise.  It will change your life!

“Divorce didn’t work out”