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Tango on the High Seas

What could be more romantic than to waltz under the starlight on the deck of a cruise ship?  Or maybe dancing a late night Tango in a dimly lit nightclub is more your style.  Others may think moving to the rhythms of merengue and salsa music at a beach party sounds more like them.  It really doesn’t matter because it all sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Well then run, don’t walk, or simply surf on over to http://www.lovelikeyoumeanitcruise.com/ and join us and an unbelievable line up of presenters and performers for a fabulous 5-day cruise for Valentine’s Day 2011. 

FamilyLife & Premier Christian Cruises have partnered to bring you the first ever fully chartered Christian marriage cruise.  The hosts for this memorable event are Dennis & Barbara Rainey.  The list of other remarkable presenters and entertainers is too long to list here.  Simply click on the link above to explore the possibilities!

The Palmer’s will be bringing their unique combination of dance instruction and marriage enrichment to the party as well.  What could be more fun than holding your one and only in your arms as you learn a step or two at one of Stuart and Tracy’s enlightening and entertaining dance sessions?  The Palmer’s guarantee a pain free experience that is “better than therapy and much less expensive” according to one of their student couples!

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to invest in each other and Love Like You Mean It!

We’ll see you on the dance floor and at the beach!


Lesson One: Adaptation

Here is what you can expect at your first dance lesson together.

When you walk into the studio you’ll be walking as you would normally. You might be holding hands or maybe walking arm-in-arm, but it will feel very natural like you’ve been doing it for many years, which you have. It is much like when you were living on your own. There wasn’t anyone impeding or altering how you lived your life. You moved about with little or no thought to how you might be affecting someone else. You enjoyed a freedom only experienced solo. But everything changes when you start walking, dancing or living with someone, as you are about to see. 

Your instructor leads you onto the dance floor and says something comforting to relax you and then adds “You know, dancing is just like walking. The only difference is that you have to walk completely synchronized with another person in your arms while moving to the music and avoiding the other traffic on the dance floor.” At which point you forget the part about it being just like walking and start to worry about smashing your partners toes or something even more horrifying. Yes again, it is like your relationship or marriage; you are no longer able to live life without consideration for your partner. If you do, you’re going to step on your partners toes or, dare I say, even something more horrifying.

As you learn to move together on your first dance lesson or in life you’ll find yourself constantly adapting to your partners movement. Over time both partners will develop a sensitivity to the others nuances, quirks and habits. You’ll learn to hold each other in a consistent fashion and make your strides move in harmony. As you develop this ability to move together you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, and probably require less bandaging or other medical attention. But remember that as partners you will most likely each learn at a different pace. This will require additional adaptation and adjustment.

As your first lesson comes to an end you breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully you’ve experienced a little success and have adapted to moving in each others arms.  If not, don’t worry, you’re not trying to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. You’re just there enjoying each others company and investing in the quality of your relationship.

Until next time; see you on the dance floor!

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